You can find the finalists’ list here below, in alphabetic order. .

During Imaging USA 2016 the top 10 images in each of the World Photographic Cup’s 6 Categories have been announced. WPC Committee members Dennis Craft, Don Dickson, and Don MacGregor congratulated all of WPC top 10 finishers and reminded the audience that each of these images is in the running for individual Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals which will be presented March 14th in Porto, Portugal. It also means that each of these images…and their creators…. have the chance to help their country win the World Photographic Cup. Actually, the top three scores in each category receive medals, but the top 10 scores in each category count towards their country’s team total. The team with the most top 10 points when it is all said and done receives the World Photographic Cup.
The World Photographic Cup continues to grow. This year 27 teams competed from Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, Oceania and North America. That is the most ever.
The World Photographic Cup has been won by the United States in each of its first two years by a very narrow margin. The competition 2016 is again very, very steep, and there are a lot of teams that are vying for the CUP this year.
We are now keenly awaiting for the winners announcement in March. …but … further announcements on the WPC website are coming soon! Keep on visiting www.worldphotographiccup.org …

And now the FINALISTS in alphabetical order:
Congratulations to:
Yuri Afanasiev, Russia
André Boto, Portugal
Bree Corn, Austria
Diamantino Jesus, Portugal
Hannes Kutzler, Austria
Andrey Kezzin, Russia
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Dag Asle Langø, Norway
Lisa Saad, Australia
Vlado Veverka, Slovakia
José D. Almeida, Portugal
Natália Benčicová, Slovakia
Suellen Cook, Australia
Xie Dacai, China
Diamantino Jesus, Portugal
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Helge Kirchberger, Austria
Jesús Miguel Muel de Dios, Spain
Sylvie Lezier, France
Álvaro José Ruiz Nogues, Spain
Ben Shirk, USA
Dušan Beňo, Slovakia
José Askenazi Cohen, Mexico
Xie Dacai, China
Edwin Martinez, Philippines
Nick Melidonis, Australia
Otakar Metlicka, Czech Republic
Matej Michalík, Slovakia
Vaclav Sojka, Czech Republic
Park Eung Tae, South Korea
Li Xin, China
Vicente Esteban Abad, Spain
Eric Bernatets, France
André Brito, Portugal
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Helge Kirchberger, Austria
Piotr Pietryga, Poland
Francesco Ridolfi, Italy
Peter Rossi, Australia
Igor Saharov, Russia
Vladimir Shukin, Russia
Vlado Veverka, Slovakia
Jorge Bacelar, Portugal
Xie Dacai, China
Des Harris, Ireland
Yeray Menéndez López, Spain
Anuar Patjane Floriuk, Mexico
Joel Santos, Portugal
Phanh Tram, Canada
Gonzalo Vargas Acosta, Mexico
Paul Wright, Canada
Dmitri Zverev, Russia
Igor Burlak, Russia
Peter Čakovský, Slovakia
Bai Chen, China
Helder Couto, Portugal
Hermann Fuchsluger, Austria
Gennandy Granin, Russia
Bruno Mayor, France
Katya Rashkevich, Russia
Citlalli Rico, Mexico
Gao Tiejun, China

The World Photographic Cup is a one of a kind Olympic styled competition for teams of photographers representing their home. Each country is allowed to enter one team.
Teams may enter up to three images in each of six categories: Portrait, Wedding, Commercial, Illustrative, Photojournalism and Nature.
Gold (1st), Silver (2nd), and Bronze (3rd) medals are awarded to the individual creator in each category.
Teams are awarded points based on aggregate score of top ten placements in all categories. The World Photographic Cup will be awarded to the national team which receives the highest score (in the previous editions 2014 and 2015 this happened to the team USA).

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