Bruno Vetters

Bruno Vetters

April 22, 2023
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Studio owner ‘Fotostudio De Loft’ in Boom, Belgium.

Studio established in 1978.

My professional career started about 36 years ago as a wedding and portrait photographer . During all these years I worked in many fields of professional photography such as food-, advertising-, reportage-, event-, and portrait photography. Today I specialize in Portrait photography in studio. I am very active in the “Belgian National Association of Professional Photographers” . This organization works for the protection of the legal rights and education of its members. We also organize competitions and expositions in Belgium and abroad.

Runs a studio in commercial and portrait photography in Slovakia. Martin says about his work: In 2007 I was elected president of this association and in this function I am also involved in the FEP, the “Federation of European Photographers”. The Photographers associations of 30 European countries are member of FEP. These international contacts give me a much wider look on professional photography in all European countries, where the differences in culture affect the photographic interpretation in a very important way.


Bruno Vetters

Past Governor

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