UW Solutions’ renowned ChromaLuxe® brand, a platinum sponsor of the World Photographic Cup® (WPC), is honoured to support this prestigious global photography competition. UW Solutions aims to further spotlight the professional photography community and solidify ChromaLuxe as the preferred photo panel for high-definition prints worldwide. Their cutting-edge technology allows for vibrant and detailed images infused directly into metal, wood, acrylic and FRP substrates, resulting in extreme vibrancy and depth of color.

With archival quality, ChromaLuxe preserves images for generations. Ideal for galleries, museums, commercial applications, and home décor, ChromaLuxe photo panels offer a unique WOW effect and surpass traditional printing in color range and luminescence. Available in various sizes and finishes for different environments, ChromaLuxe delivers extraordinary clarity and continues to elevate photography and art.

We cordially invite everyone to attend the WPC event in April, where an exquisite collection of artwork printed exclusively on ChromaLuxe media will be on display. Meticulously printed, these captivating pieces showcase the fusion of artistry and technology. As you explore the gallery, prepare to be mesmerized by the vivid colors, intricate details, and archival quality of these prints. Join us at the WPC exhibition and witness the magic of ChromaLuxe – where every image comes to life with unparalleled brilliance and depth.

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