Information on the WPC announcement in Rome

Information on the WPC announcement in Rome

January 28, 2022
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To all those who intend to come to Rome to participate in the announcement and awarding of the winners of the WPC 2022 and the two previous years!

The invitation to participate in the event is aimed in particular at all the team-captains who have taken part in the WPC competition in the last 3 editions, as well as the finalists, medalists and “Best of Nation” and the TOP 10 teams of the 2020 and 2021 editions, in addition to all the finalists (top 10) and Best of Nation of the present edition 2022.

The governing committee of the WPC will meet on the evening of January 31, and will make the final decision about the date of the award ceremony. In order to encourage the participation of as many winners as possible, even from countries still subject to travel restrictions for Europe, the possibility of postponing the ceremony, (previously  announced for the end of March) of about a month will be discussed. We will keep you updated on the decision as soon as possible.

In any case, to register for the event, you must visit the WPC website and register for the various scheduled events (some of which are for a fee).

We remind you that it is important for everyone to verify the possession of the health requirements for the access of visitors to Italy. You will find all the useful information on this address:  Covid-19 – Viaggiatori (

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