Neil Warner

Neil Warner

April 22, 2023
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Neil Warner is a corporate photographer living in Ireland. He is a council member and past president of The irish professional photographers association.

He holds fellowships from the British Institute of professional photographers, The Master Photographers Association and the Irish Professional Photographers Association. He was the first Irish Photographer to be awarded Craftsman status. He was irish professional photographer of the year on three occasions and was British Overseas Advertising photographer of the year.

He was The thirteenth photographer to achieve Master qep status .

Neil has a background in marketing and received his Mmii at University College Galway. He also holds a diploma in digital marketing.

Neil has served a as member of the EU regio stars awards council.

Currently he is chairman of the FEP Video awards judges.

His work has brought him from St Petersburg in Russia to San Diego in the United States.


Neil Warner

Past Governor

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