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ChromaLuxe is an official WPC MAJOR SPONSOR!

ChromaLuxe aims to further grow its network in the world of Professional Photography and aspires to become a preferred solution for high quality prints all over the world.

The combination of colour brilliance, superior durability and archival qualities makes ChromaLuxe the perfect choice for image reproduction for both indoor and outdoor environments. Using dye sublimation, ChromaLuxe provides high-definition, durable photo panels that will preserve images for generations to come.

Instead of printing images directly on a surface, which may scratch easily, the image is infused into the coating to provide permanent protection. This print technology opens new opportunities for photographers to present something new and unique to their clients. Discover here why ChromaLuxe’s state-of-the-art coating creates prints with an unseen WOW effect!

ChromaLuxe HD panels are one of the most exciting products to enter the photo market in recent times. They bring a new high-quality level to printing on metal plates with a colour range and an almost 3-dimensional luminescence that far exceeds UV direct printing and even classic photo prints with or without acrylic top plates. Ideal for top end gallery and exhibition printing, as well as office and home décor. 100% water resistant and with an unbelievably hard coating they are exceptionally durable. Scratch, fire and chemical resistant. Also lightweight for shipping and easy to hang.

ChromaLuxe is a brand of UW Solutions, the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced, high-performing, environmentally friendly, next generation coatings. UW Solutions exports to over 90 countries worldwide and offers thousands of products from the head office, located in Louisville, Kentucky, United States and regional offices in Belgium and Australia.

We invite you to learn all about ChromaLuxe on www.chromaluxe.com!

KIVO 3D – Virtual Galleries for the WPC

Our virtual galleries have been made possible thanks to the expertise of Charles Henniker-Heaton and his company KIVO 3D. Charles has spent most of his life working in photography and has in recent years become a specialist in 3D adaptations. He is a long-term supporter of the WPC.

Virtual galleries are becoming a standard way for any major gallery or successful artist/photographer to display art on-line on a wall, fully to scale. For photographers selling their images as art, they are ideal. For commercial photographers, they provide a new and interesting way to present their work to agencies and art directors.

Charles is British but lives near Brussels in Belgium. He says, “One of the joys of working virtually is that our customer base can be literally anywhere – we currently have clients all around Europe, in the States, Canada and Australia. We are not limited to just art and photo; recently we have been making several imaginary breakout rooms for virtual conferences held by the European Commission.”

The software system used for the WPC galleries is from German software company Kunstmatrix. KIVO 3D is one of the very few Certified Service Providers authorized by Kunstmatrix. They offer a very affordable curation service which includes extra features not normally available and takes the pain out of having to learn a new software system. The service can save photographers a lot of their valuable time.

To find out more, visit either Charles’ website at www.kivo3d.com or the gallery showcase at www.vrgalleries.art

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