PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR PEACE: Get your charity portrait!

PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR PEACE: Get your charity portrait!

April 18, 2022
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WPC, FEP and our 4 sponsors will cooperate to make during the WPC Roma 2022 event a charity collection for the journalists and photographers affected by the war in Ukraine, taking a portrait of all those who want to donate even a symbolic amount.

Individual portraits taken with best Nikon and Hasselblad cameras. A ChromaLuxe 19×25 cm metal print portrait with a legend on the back to commemorate the event will be sent to all portrayed. In addition to that, all the diverse national delegations will receive a 20×30 cm hardback cover book made by Graphistudio with a ChromaLuxe die-cut cover.

That includes all photographs of the participants, a resume of the winner photographs, and commemorative pages about the motive of the donation. Heartfelt thanks to our sponsors:

Chromaluxe , Fowa, Graphistudio and Nikon

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