Sydney, Australia, May 6th, 5:30pm: looking forward to the World Photographic Cup (WPC) Finals!

Sydney, Australia, May 6th, 5:30pm: looking forward to the World Photographic Cup (WPC) Finals!

March 19, 2018
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WPC is pleased to announce that arrangements are now being finalised for the WPC Awards Ceremony to be the final event of the two-day conference program of the Head On Photo Festival on the Festival’s opening weekend. The WPC Awards Ceremony will be held in Sydney, on May 6th at 5.30pm at the Chauvel Cinema, 249 Oxford Street, Paddington.

Giuseppe Scozzi, Chief Executive Officer of WPC said “WPC is excited to be holding the 5th annual WPC Awards Ceremony in Australia. This will be the 4th continent to host the Awards Ceremony as WPC continues to grow and deliver on its goal of uniting photographers from around the world in a spirit of friendship and co-operation”.

Kylie Lyons, WPC Organizing Committee Member and a past President and Board member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), who lives and works in Sydney said “There will be a strong audience for WPC in Sydney. Australia looks forward to giving WPC delegates from around the world a very warm welcome. As a member of the WPC Organizing Committee and a proud Australian I am sure that the program of events will both delight international visitors and give strong recognition to the winners to be announced at the Awards Ceremony on the Sunday night (May 6th). With over 400 AIPP member in Sydney alone, in addition to the Festival attendees, we strongly believe we will have a very celebratory audience”.

As in previous years, there will be a number of events surrounding the Award Ceremony to create opportunities for local and international guests to mingle, interact on the profession, discuss the creative direction of photography and of course, form friendships. These are in addition to the numerous Festival events around the city.

“I am excited to know that WPC delegates will be in attendance”, said Head On Photo Festival Director, Moshe Rosenzweig. Head On features a number of international and local photographers as guest presenters and exhibitors. The Head On Opening occurs the prior Friday night, May 4th, attracting over 1,000 photographers and is attended by the State Minister for the Arts, as well as other dignitaries. It is a truly wonderful gathering and all WPC delegates are to be invited to attend.


The Head On Photo Festival will run in Sydney throughout May on the Festival’s opening weekend. Head On is Australia’s largest Photo Festival. Last year half a million people attended exhibitions and events or were exposed to Head On. Over a month-long Festival some 180 Photo exhibitions and more than 400 photo artists are featured around the City of Sydney and suburbs. Visitors to Sydney will be able to view some 70 photographic events and exhibitions around the city in the first week of the Festival alone! The 2018 Festival program will be announced soon.


To register your attendance at the WPC Awards Ceremony in Sydney, please complete the form at . You can also register for the other WPC events, such as the WPC Welcome at the Head On Opening Night, WPC Sydney Walking Tour, BBQ Lunch and Native Animal Experience and WPC Stakeholders Meeting from the continue shopping location. Other exciting events are being planned. Look out for more information soon.

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