Thanks to our WPC 2019 international judging panel!

Thanks to our WPC 2019 international judging panel!

February 23, 2019
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While waiting for the exciting WPC 2019 awards ceremony in Norway almost to come, and really looking forward to celebrate the winners, the World Photographic Cup Governing Committee wants to say “THANKS!” to our International Judges!

Without the professionalism and the passion of all our judges, representing 24 different nations in 4 continents, our competition could not even take place…

This is our amazing judging panel:

David Evans, Australia
Michael Jansenberger, Austria
Carl Lapeirre, Belgium
Mark Laurie, Canada
Shengjun Zhou, China
Zdeněk Lhoták, Czech Republic
Tiina Haring, Finland
Pierre Delaunay, France
Tom Doherty, Ireland
Corrado Poli, Italy
Masaaki Oyama, Japan
Julieta Broustau, Latin America
Kuan Tan, Malaysia
Miguel Alonso Cáceres, Mexico
Jens Eldøy, Norway
Naveid Ahmed Siddiqui, Pakistan
João Carlos, Portugal
Sergey Bogaitsev, Russia
Ryan Wong, Singapore
Tony Limeres, Spain
Tord Saxin, Sweden
Ad Vereijken, The Netherlands
Bella West, UK
Carl Caylor, USA

A big “thanks” must also go to our precious WPC Validation and Judging committee, chaired by Don MacGregor from Canada and composed by Kylie Lyons, Australia, Noboru Okamoto, Japan and Jørgen Brandt, Denmark.

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