The top10 images have been revealed! Discover the finalists and the Best of Nation winners!

The top10 images have been revealed! Discover the finalists and the Best of Nation winners!

January 21, 2020
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The top 10 images in each of the World Photographic Cup’s six categories have been announced at Imaging USA by PPA CEO David Trust and WPC governing committee members Bert Behnke, Don MacGregor  and Tim Walden. The ceremony has been streamed on Facebook Live, and you can watch the entire ceremony here.

The finalist (Top 10) images are now running for individual Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals and the further placements in the Top 10 lists,  which will be finally announced, as long as the winning national teams  at the World Photographic Cup ceremony on March 23rd  in Rome, Italy.
Depending by their final ranking, all these images have the chance to help their country’ teams to win the World Photographic Cup 2020!

The announcement of the Top 10 images in each of the six categories has been preceded by the announcement of the Best of Nation awards. Since 2018,  the World Photographic Cup awards with the Best of Nation Award the authors of the highest scoring images from each of the participating countries.

These are the “Best of Nation Award” winners for 2020:

Luciano Andres Richino                   Team Argentina

Matthew Gianoulis                            Team Australia

Markus Hofstätter                             Team Austria

Jürgen de Witte                                 Team Belgium

Luciano Honorato                              Team Brazil

Amanda Beers                                   Team Canada

Alfonso Finlay                                   Team Chile

Lei Yao                                                Team China

Ezequiel Becerra                               Team Costa Rica

Richard Horák                                   Team Czech Republic

Lars Roed                                            Team Denmark

Mikaela Holmberg                            Team Finland

Nicolas Boutruche                             Team France

Enda Cavanagh                                  Team Ireland

Diego Pomanti                                   Team Italy

Kazuyoshi Shimoda               Team Japan

Roger Tan                              Team Malaysia

Félix Barra                             Team Mexico

Loren O’Connor                     Team New Zealand

Richard Wood                        also Team New Zealand (2 way tie)

Jeanette Larsen                      Team Norway

Noor Hussain                         Team Pakistan

Rodrigo Garcia                      Team Panama

Jose Antonio Herrera De Rivero   Team Perù

Christopher O. Magsino        Team Philippines

Jacek Kołodziejski                Team Poland

Diamantino Jesus                   Team Portugal

Igor Sakharov                        Team Russia

Assem Alsabban                    Team Saudi Arabia

Joseph Goh Meng Huat         Team Singapore

Dusan Holovej                       Team Slovakia

Vicente Esteban Abad           Team Spain

Laila Villebeck                      Team Sweden

Daniel Wenzel                       Team The Netherlands

Chris Chambers                     Team United Kingdom

Erich Caparas                         Team United States

Claudio Napolitano               Team Venezuela

Phan Thi Khanh                     Team Vietnam

And now the Top 10/ finalists in each and all of the 6 categories.
They are in a pure alphabetical order.

We’ll find out about the medalists and the winner of the World Photographic Cup on March 23rd in Rome, Italy.

The top 10 photographers in the commercial category are:

Nicolas Boutruche                 France

Enda Cavanagh                      Ireland

Shiyuan Gao                          China

Matthew Gianoulis                Australia

Luciano Honorato                  Brazil

Randy McNeilly                    United States

Diego Oliveira                       Brazil

Diego Pomanti                       Italy

Igor Sakharov                        Russia

Lei Yao                                  China

Our top 10 photographers in the illustrative category are:

Flavio Albino                         Brazil

Nicolas Boutruche                 France

Andre Gambini                      Brazil

Felix Hernandez                    Mexico

Diamantino Jesus                   Portugal

Michal Karcz                         Poland

Peter Rooney                         Malaysia

Sebastien Salamand               France

Roger Tan                              Malaysia

Daniel Wenzel                       The Netherlands

Our top 10 photographers in the nature category, which includes landscape and wildlife photography are:

Amanda Beers                        Canada

Steven Blandin                      United States

Tamara Blazquez                   Mexico

Chris Chambers                     United Kingdom

Peter Eastway                        Australia

Luciano Honorato                  Brazil

Tracey Lund                           United Kingdom

Luciano Andres Richino        Argentina

Christian Vizl                        Mexico

Kangfen Zhu                          China

The top 10 photographers in the portrait category are:

Jamie Bard-Dube                   Canada

Erich Caparas                        United States

Paulina Duczman                   Poland

Joao Guimaraes                     Brazil

Mikaela Holmberg                 Finland

Cassandra Jones                     Canada

Jeanette Larsen                      Norway

Aleksei Malikov                    Russia

Laila Villebeck                      Sweden

Kathy Wierda                        United States

The top 10 photographers in the reportage (or photojournalism) category are:

Ezequiel Becerra                   Costa Rica

Kristian Bogner                     Canada

Sylvia Borel                           France

Donell Gumiran                     The Philippines

Victor Medina                                   Mexico

Kim Poulsen                          Denmark

Marcel Rebro                         Slovakia

Siow Koi Soon                       Malaysia

Belle Verdiglione                  Australia

Yijiu Yang                             China

Finally, the top 10 photographers in the wedding category are:

Felix Barra                             Mexico

Igor Bulgak                            Russia

Shireen Hammond                 Australia

Haseo Hasegawa                    Japan

John Hellstrom                      Sweden

Sanjay Jogia                           United Kingdom

Andrey Julay                          Russia

Mario Munoz                         United States

Sam Sacramento                    Brazil

Roger Tan                              Malaysia

Lene Kristine Torgersen        Norway

Congratulations to all!

The galleries of all the awarded pictures are visible here:
TOP 10/Finalists Gallery (click to see)
Best of Nations Gallery (click to see)

The Best of nations, the Top 10 photographers and their team captains are all invited to attend the final WPC announcement in Rome and receiving their awards. Please visit  for info, bookings and registrations.

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