The WPC 2020 Winners Announcement, September 28

The WPC 2020 Winners Announcement, September 28

September 23, 2020
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Dear all! We hope you enjoyed our “Prequel shows”, that we broadcast on the WPC Facebook page on September 14 and 21, where we introduced each and all the finalist images 2020 and the Best of Nation winners. If for some reason you missed the shows, you can watch them HERE

And now, we are very pleased and excited to remind you that on Monday, September 28, 2020, at 19:00, Central European Time, there will be the winners announcement ceremony, LIVE on Facebook, from the Studio Orizzonte Gallery in Rome, Italy. The WPC Governing Committee will announce to the world who will grab the bronze, silver and gold medals in all of the six categories of the WPC 2020 competition, the top ten teams and of course the nation that will win the World Photographic Cup 2020.

“In January and February, we were busy preparing for what was sure to be another exciting event right here in Rome. Unfortunately COVID-19 had different plans for us all”, said the WPC CEO, Giuseppe Scozzi. “2020 has evolved as a dark year for many of us. But we refuse to let COVID keep us down! Photography is made of light. And we are sure that the WPC stunning images will help us all to take a step towards the light. It will be a celebration of photography…Of commitment and passion for our profession…We look forward to streaming, and we thank you in advance because…we know there will be many around the world watching the event”

Do not miss the amazing 2020 WPC show!

Don’t forget to visit the WPC Facebook page in the next few days, and do share our events on your personal Facebook profile, as well as on the pages of all involved associations, around the globe. That will make the event a true global experience and will enhance the recognition of the World Photographic Cup and the prestige of the winners, their associations and their countries at their best! And will show the world that the photographic industry is strong, and the professional photographers aren’t going to be held down.

We really can’t wait, and you?

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