The WPC 2021 social media program on Facebook. Third episode: March 12, at 19.00 CET

The WPC 2021 social media program on Facebook. Third episode: March 12, at 19.00 CET

March 10, 2021
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The WPC will be again live on Facebook Friday March 12, at 19:00 Central European Time for the third episode of “WAITING for WPC ROMA 2021”.
(Our LIVE event on Facebook, scheduled on April 19, will be at the same time and we will finally reveal who will win the bronze, silver and gold medals in all of the six categories of the WPC competition, the top ten teams and overall the nation that will win the World Photographic Cup 2021).

In this episode:
We will pay tribute to the teams that won the WPC in the previous editions (so far the United States of America, 3 times, back on 2014, 2015 and 2018, Team Portugal twice on a row, on 2016 and 2017, Australia – back on 2019 – and finally Team Brazil last year) and to the last year Top 3 teams
We will make a tour and visit our WPC World Cup and Trophies Hall 2020, as it appears on the 3D section of our winners gallery archive.

Don’t miss the amazing interview with the “Four Avengers”: the case of the Munoz Brothers, four brothers from the same photographic studio who have been members of the Team USA in 4 different editions, and each and all achieved amazing results.

In this episode, we will also celebrate the finalists’ images in the NATURE and PORTRAIT categories, commented by WPC Committee members Jan Pohribny and Kylie Lyons.

We’ll continue with our look at the 2021 Finalists images in the next episodes, scheduled Friday March 26, at 19:00 CET, and then again 2 weeks after, Friday, April 09 at the same time.

We will introduce the Images of Reportage and Wedding finalists and we will host further interviews of photographers coming from other areas of the world, including Asia and Latin America.


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