Winners Reactions : Dan McClanahan

Winners Reactions : Dan McClanahan

May 15, 2018
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We received this very kind feedback from Dan McClanahan, member of Team USA and winner of a Bronze Medal in the Nature category of the World Photographic Cup 2018

“My experience at the World Photographic Cup finals in Australia was one I’ll never forget. While winning a bronze medal and being a part of the winning team was a thrill, the real heart of the trip was in the relationships I made with passionate photographers from around the globe. It was encouraging to speak with artists from other cultures and discover how similar we are despite language barriers. We are all storytellers with deep respect for the photographic craft. When I’m at home I tend not to think far beyond my community bubble, but seeing global work and the passion behind it inspires me to push myself harder this year.

I loved being a part of the event!!!”

–  Dan McClanahan, Nature & Wildlife Bronze Medalist, WPC 2018

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