WPC 2019 Top 10 and Best of Nation awards announced!

WPC 2019 Top 10 and Best of Nation awards announced!

January 22, 2019
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For the sixth year in a row the top 10 images in each of the World Photographic Cup’s six categories have been announced at Imaging USA by PPA CEO David Trust and WPC governing committee members Bert Behnke and Don Dickson. The ceremony has been broadcast on Facebook Live. If you love beautiful images… and we know you do… you are in the right place, and you can watch the entire ceremony here.

To be a Top 10 image is important, because it means that all these images are in the running for individual Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals which will be presented at the World Photographic Cup ceremony on April 8th in Drammen, Norway.
It also means that each of these images… and their creators…. have the chance to help their country to win the World Photographic Cup.

The announcement of the Top 10 in each of the World Photographic Cup categories has been preceded by the announcement of the Best of Nation awards. In 2018 the World Photographic Cup began awarding the Best of Nation Award to the authors of the highest scoring images from each of the participating countries.

These are the 32 Best of Nation Award winners for 2019:
From Australia… Michael Teo
From Austria… Sebastien Ouvrard
From Bangladesh… Pinu Rahman
From Belgium… Jurgen De Witte
From Canada… Victoria West
From China… Xiaodong Gao
From Colombia… Henry Agudelo
From the Czech Republic… Richard Horak
From Denmark… Michael With
From Finland… Onni Wiljami Kinnunen
From France… Nicolas Boutruche
From Germany… Uli Staiger
From Ireland… Roger O’Sullivan
From Italy… Patrizia Burra
From Japan… Keiichiro Matsuo
From the Latin American team… Hernan Santiago
From Malaysia… Patricia Soon Mei Yung
From Mexico… Christian Vizl
From New Zealand… Shar Hays
From Norway… Kristoffer Wittrup
From Pakistan… Tariq Hameed Sulemani
From Panama… Javier Alejandro Solis
From the Philippines… Christopher Magsino
From Portugal… Diogo Freitas
From Russia… Aleksandr Chaldrian
From Singapore… Chew Seng Kim
From Slovakia… Dusan Holovej
From Spain… Angeles Mesa Martin
From Sweden… Per Ekdahl
From the Netherlands… Mark Engelen
From the United Kingdom… Richard Bradbury
And from the United States… Michael Loizzi

And now the Top 10/ finalists in each and all of the 6 categories.
They are presented just in alphabetical order.

We’ll find out about the medalists and the winner of the World Photographic Cup in April in Drammen, Norway.

The top 10 Commercial image creators:
Jurgen DeWitte, Belgium
Mark Engelen, Netherlands
Kaj Ewart, Finland
Matthew Gianoulis, Australia
Dusan Holovej, Slovakia
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Otakar Metlicka, Czech Republic
Eric Ruiz, Mexico
Patricia Soon Mei Yung, Malaysia
Kristoffer Wittrup, Norway

Our top 10 Illustrative/digital art image creators:
Nicolas Boutruche, France
Patrizia Burra, Italy
Dan Francis, United States
Diogo Freitas, Portugal
Ricardo Galvan, Mexico
Hector Gomez, Mexico
Antti Karppinen, Finland
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Ben Shirk, United States
Uli Staiger Germany

Nature Category, which includes landscape and wildlife photography. The top 10 image creators for 2019 are:
Richard Horak, Czech Republic
Hein Htet, Singapore
Christopher Magsino, Philippines
Antonio Pastrana, Mexico
Khaichuin Sim, Malaysia
Michael Smith, Australia
Chris Vander Velde, United States
Markus Varesvuo, Finland
Christian Vizl, Mexico
Xinmei Wang, China

The top 10 portrait images creators:
Damien Bowerman, Australia
Erich Caparas, United States
Keren Dobia, Australia
Ramiro Gaytan, Mexico
Antti Karppinen, Finland
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Angeles Mesa Martin, Spain
Martina Nemcekova, Slovakia
Martina Warenfeldt, Sweden
Victoria West, Canada

Reportage… or photojournalism. The top 10 images belong to:

Henry Agudelo, Colombia
Lacey Barratt, Australia
Mario Bejagan Cardenas, Philippines
Per Ekdahl, Sweden
Milos Fic, Czech Republic
Tan Kok Chaon, Malaysia
Alfonso Novo, Spain
Chew Seng Kim, Singapore
Peter Svoboda, Slovakia
Michael Teo, Australia

And finally the last category is Weddings. The top 10 wedding image creators are:

Felix Barra, Mexico
Mauro Cantelmi, Australia
C.K. Chau, Malaysia
Xiaodong Gao, China
Michael Loizzi, United States

Keiichiro Matsuo, Japan
Mario Munoz, United States
Carlos Felipe Ortiz Morel, Spain
Yeo Tun Boon, Malaysia
Manola van Leeuwe, Netherlands

The galleries of all the awarded pictures are visible here:
All entries 2019
Best of Nation Award Gallery (click to see)

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