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© Manolo Sierra, Mexico

Photographers having permanent resident permit

Effective immediately, Photographers having a permanent resident permit and desire to represent their country of residence may do so. If they later wish to represent their home country of citizenship – they will be required to wait only 18 months before being able to represent their other country in a WPC competition.

News about AI and the 2024 WPC

While recognizing its undeniable impact, the WPC remains committed to upholding its longstanding photographic principles and has decided not to accept AI-generated images in the 2024 Edition.

The Story of World Photographic Cup

The WPC was founded in 2013 as a cooperative effort by The Federation of European Photographers (FEP) and Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Its singular goal is to unite photographers in a spirit of friendship and cooperation. 

Celebrating Excellence

© Laura Bennett – USA

Check out Singapore 2023 Awards Night

WPC celebrated this year winners in Singapore on March 17th 2023, as well as its 10th year anniversary in such a great location. Watch the Livestream video from the event here.

Ana Maria Iglesias Team Mexico

The 2023 Cup goes to Mexico

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© Ana Maria Iglesias, Mexico

Enjoy the 2023 Winners

From an extraordinary collection of images, the winners images are…

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