AI and the 2024 WPC.

AI and the 2024 WPC.

Image © Luciano Honorato – Brazil is used for illustration purposes only. The WPC does not claim this image is generated using AI

May 31, 2023
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© Luciano Honorato - Brazil

World Photographic Cup Recognizes the Growing Influence of AI in the Photographic Industry.

Dublin Ireland 31 May 2023

The World Photographic Cup (WPC), the esteemed international photography competition that has celebrated the art of photography for over a decade, acknowledges the significant role that artificial intelligence (AI) plays within the photographic industry. While recognizing its undeniable impact, the WPC remains committed to upholding its longstanding photographic principles and has decided not to accept AI-generated images in the 2024 Edition.

“This decision reflects our dedication to ensuring a thorough understanding of the topic and its implications for image making and the judging of AI images now and in the future.” Said WPC CEO Kylie Lyons from her home in Sydney Australia.

AI has revolutionized numerous industries, and photography is no exception. The integration of AI algorithms into photography software and equipment has empowered photographers to explore new horizons, enhance their creative visions, and streamline their workflows. This technology has brought about remarkable advancements in areas such as image recognition, post-processing, and image restoration, leading to unprecedented possibilities for photographers worldwide.

The World Photographic Cup takes pride in its commitment to fostering artistic expression, showcasing the talent and creativity of photographers from all corners of the globe. As we acknowledge the significance and growth of AI in photography, we believe it is essential to thoroughly evaluate its impact on the artistic process, authenticity, and the judging criteria of our competition.

We understand that AI-generated images may hold immense potential. However, we also recognize the importance of ensuring a level playing field for all photographers and maintaining the integrity of the WPC competition. The World Photographic Cup is a photographic based competition and we are proud to continue this tradition. Our decision not to accept AI images in the 2024 Edition is driven by a desire to comprehensively grasp the topic and address any implications effectively.

The World Photographic Cup remains committed to promoting diversity, creativity, and excellence within the photographic community. We will continue to closely monitor advancements in AI technology, engage in meaningful discussions with experts, and assess the possible future integration of AI-generated images in our competition.

Photographers participating via their National Team in the 2024 Edition of the World Photographic Cup can continue to submit their captivating and inspiring works, showcasing their unique perspectives, technical prowess, and artistic visions. We look forward to celebrating the extraordinary talent of photographers around the world while keeping a keen eye on the developments in AI that may shape the future of our industry.

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Image © Luciano Honorato – Brazil is used for illustration purposes only. The WPC does not claim this image is generated using AI.

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