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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can actually enter the WPC?

One only team per country. Teams generally will be created by a national association. In special cases, national photographic committees may also apply for submission. Should any group made up of professional and artist photographers, from any given country petition to enter a team, it shall be at the discretion of the WPC governing committee to accept it or to determine which of the petitioning associations or groups will act as the official team committee for that country.

How many photographers should be in the team?

From 3 up to 24. Indeed, 3 images per category must be submitted. No matter how the selection will get made. The same photographer may enter a picture in more than one category, (even in each and all the 8 categories!), but in a single category the authors must be different. This is most alike the Olympics, where an athlete can compete in multiple disciplines, but you cannot enter the same discipline twice! Accordingly, the number of images are 24, while the photographers may be from 3 up to 24. It is a decision up to each entering association.

Is it necessary to enter with the entire set of pictures (24 in total, 3 per each category)?

No, this would be the best option, however some teams may choose not to participate in all categories. Anyway the fee for team participation shall be the same, regardless of the number of images a team chooses to enter. There is no “per image” fee.

How much is the entry fee?

The registration will be confirmed with the payment of the entry fee.

The fee for team participation will be, for one year only, and as a very exceptional case, € 300,00, to all teams which participated in the WPC 2022. Teams can pay this amount with credit card directly on the WPC website entry area. Fees for teams which did not enter WPC 2022 is € 400,00, which have to be paid by wire transfer. The participation fee is regardless of the number of images a team chooses to enter. There is no “per image” fee to participate.

From next edition (WPC 2024), there will be a return to the normal fee of € 400,00 for all teams.  It’s up to each single team if and how to split this cost within the entrants. Anyway, we may accept only one bulk payment per team. Please recall that all selected photographer will get a certificate indicating that they have been chosen to represent the country.

How are images entered?

Submissions will be entered via the WPC Online Entry System by each team’s designated captain. Images must be: Parameters: at least 4000 pixels on the longest side. Format: jpeg 10 or 12 (maximum) and to be under 16 megabytes. Imbedded profile: sRGB or Adobe 98 or Greyscale.

Are team captains eligible to enter the competition as an individual team member?

Yes they are – though it is not necessary. They can be one of the individual team members or just an executive. Their main tasks are to set up the images and to submit them digitally. Team captains will be the responsible of the team, but they can be both a player or not. This is again up to each group.

Can images made by multiple authors be accepted?

Despite especially in the commercial photography market this can be a not un-common situation, in each and all teams the captains must indicate only one name of the author running for the medals, reminding that he/she must be the copyright holder or to have got the permission of the copyright holder to run for the contest.

Is it possible to submit Artificial Intelligence generated images?

WPC is founded on Photography skills and 100% AI images do not have the human capture contribution and would not be allowed.

Images with computer generated content are allowed in some categories but the foundation (primary centre of interest and related components) must be grounded in photography capture skills. Any challenged images in the qualification review may require supporting images to establish the original photographic content.

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