WPC 2023 Top10 Finalists and Best of Nation Award winners announced

WPC 2023 Top10 Finalists and Best of Nation Award winners announced

January 24, 2023
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© Flavio Albino

Following a decade-long tradition, the announcement of the top 10 images in each of the World Photographic Cup’s eight categories and the Best of Nation Awards 2023 winners revealed in a large audience during Imaging USA 2023, on Monday 23rd January at Imaging USA 2023, this year in Nashville, Tennessee.

Imaging USA organized by PPA (Professional Photographers of America), world Premier Photography Conference, with over 10,000 photographers participating, has permanently included in its schedule the announcement of the WPC finalists, which has become one of the most anticipated events at the end of the Grand Imaging Awards Ceremony.

Several thousand colleagues watched the announcement broadcast LIVE on YouTube with friends or family in their studios or homes around the world.

To watch the full video of the ceremony bookmark this link on you tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvUnyezMllo

The video of the ceremony has been shared also on our Facebook page, while the Best of Nation 2023 and Finalists 2023 galleries are visible on this site.

The WPC CEO, Giuseppe Scozzi, live from Rome, Italy, announced the results on behalf of the WPC Governing Committee.

Those are in alphabetic order…you’ ll have to wait until the announcement in SINGAPORE on March 17th to find out who wins.

To register for this event go to https://www.eventbrite.it/e/wpc-singapore-2023-tickets-514735366337 

BEST OF NATION (alphabetic order of the countries)

Team Australia: Forough Yavari
Team Austria: Marcel Egger
Team Belgium: Ann Coppens
Team Brazil: Luciano Honorato
Team Canada: Jo-Anne Oucharek
Team China: Dongxin Ou
Team Costa Rica: Mario Wong
Team Czech Republic: Petr Jan Juračka
Team Denmark: Lars Roed
Team Ecuador: Sebastián Rodríguez
Team Finland: Risto Raunio
Team France: Peter Lippmann
Team Greece: John Makris
Team Guatemala: Maria Fleischmann
Team India: Ambika Agrawal
Team Ireland: Sean Curtin
Team Italy: Alessandro Grasso
Team Japan: Kazutoshi Kawakami
Team Malaysia: Khaichuin Sim
Team Mexico: Eduardo Gómez
Team New Zealand: Amber Griffin
Team Norway: Tone Balslev Haugerud
Team Pakistan: Abdul Baqi
Team Panama: Javier Alejandro Solis
Team Philippines: Christopher Magsino
Team Portugal: Luís Bento
Team Singapore: Teo Chin Leong
Team Slovakia: Marián Kuric
Team Spain: Merche Llobera Rodríguez
Team Sweden: Niklas Englund
Team United Kingdom: David Keep
Team United States: Ben Shirk

Top 10 finishers (finalists) in alphabetic order

Niklas Englund, Sweden
Eduardo Gomez, Mexico
Amber Griffin, New Zealand,
John Hartman, the United States
Kazutoshi Kawakami, Japan
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Holly-Lynn Latimour, Canada
Peter Lippmann, France
Klaudia Ratzinger, Austria
Sebastian Alba Vives, Costa Rica

Flavio Albino, Brazil
Jose Freitas, Portugal
Luciano Honorato, Brazil
Diamantino Jesus, Portugal
Hanna Neret, Sweden
Ben Shirk, United States
Javier Alejandro Solis, Panama
Sebastian Alba Vives, Costa Rica
Richard Wood, New Zealand
Forough Yavari, Australia

Laura Bennett, United States gets us started
Mieke Boynton, Australia
Jose Pesquero Gomez,Spain
John Grusd, United States
Marian Kuric, Slovakia
Torleif Lie, Norway
Christopher Magsino, Philippines
Tony Moore, United Kingdom
Jassi Oberai, India
Sebastian Rodriguez, Ecuador

Kenneth Bovat, United States
Ann Coppens, Belgium
Marcel Egger, Austria
Andrew Glogower, United States
Tone Balslev Haugerud, Norway
David Keep, United Kingdom
Luis Padilla, Mexico
Risto Raunio, Finland
Khaichuin Sim, Malaysia
Mario Wong, Costa Rica

Ambika Agrawal, India
Maria Fleischmann, Guatemala
Amber Griffin, New Zealand
Sonja Hietala, Finland
Alysson Oliveira, Brazil
Nancy Flammea, Australia
Ooi Chai Pore, Malaysia
Esteban Ruiz, Mexico
Richard Wood, New Zealand
Forough Yavari, Australia

Therese Asplund, Sweden
Valeria Cassina, Spain
Robert Coppa, Australia
Akis Douzlatzis, Greece
Megan Drane, United States
Ron Gesser, Canada
Ana Maria Iglesias, Mexico
Julian Ochoa Martinez, Spain
Sandra Ventura, Portugal
Ankang Zhou, China

Lacey Barrett, Australia
Luis Bento, Portugal
Robert Biesemans, Belgium
Juan Silva Camezi, Mexico
Andre Magarao, Brazil
Engku Hisham Mohamad, Malaysia
Victor Medina, Mexico
Matthew Palmer, Australia
Klaudia Ratzinger, Austria
Risto Raunio, Finland
Eliud Gil Samaniego, Mexico

Zaki Charles, United Kingdom
Monika Kessler, Austria
John Makris, Greece
Mario Munoz, United States
Paulo Pinto, Portugal
Ooi Chai Pore, Malaysia
Manolo Sierra, Mexico
Roger Tan, Malaysia
Trude Brun Wilhelmsen, Norway
Jiatian Yao, China

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