Russian Team suspended at the World Photographic Cup, inclusive of the current competition

Russian Team suspended at the World Photographic Cup, inclusive of the current competition

March 12, 2022
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As an organization founded exclusively for the purposes of creating unity and brotherhood between professional photographers and their nations, the World Photographic Cup has watched in horror as Russian forces invaded neighboring Ukraine. Any type of military action against any nation, is abhorrent.

The World Photographic Cup supports creators of all nations, including Russia. However, it simply cannot look the other way while crimes against people – and democratic rule as a whole – continue to take place. We believe it is important for every nation, every individual, every business, and every organization to take a moral stand against violations of civil coexistence and brutality.

For these reasons, the World Photographic Cup has announced the suspension of the Russian Federation team (inclusive of the current competition results) which will remain in effect until hostilities against Ukraine have ceased and the occupation of that country by Russian forces ended. We recognize that there are innocent Russian creators who openly disagree with this aggression and war, who will be affected by this action. We regret that reality. It is imperative that the Russian creators, the World Photographic Cup community, and all humankind, do all they can to the respect international law and relationships.

These actions are supported by the Federation of European Photographers, Professional Photographers of America, and the United Asian Professional Photography.  These are the sponsoring organizations of WPC.

We look forward to the time when we can unite again as a worldwide photographic community. Until that time, all of us must stand for freedom and peace.

The World Photographic Cup Governing Committee,

Giuseppe Scozzi, CEO, Italy

Tiina Haring, Finland

Jamie Hayes, United States

Anna Kaleva-Tsagklas Finland

Martin Krystynek, Slovakia

Kylie Lyons, Australia

Don MacGregor, Canada

Noboru Okamoto, Japan

Jan Pohribny, Czech Republic

David Trust, United States

Tim Walden, United Stated

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