WPC 2021 Finalists’ Announcement, follow the live streaming!

WPC 2021 Finalists’ Announcement, follow the live streaming!

January 13, 2021
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Next Monday, January 18th, the WPC 2021 finalists and the Best of Nation winners will be announced during the online Imaging USA, in Atlanta, United States. The announcement will be made after the conclusion of the USA Grand Imaging Award Ceremony. The ceremony will start at 6:00 pm (local time!) on Monday, January 18th and will be broadcasted live at https://www.youtube.com/c/ourPPA (Don’t forget to check what time will be in your country).The video of the event will be published a few hours later also on the WPC facebook page .

Top 10 individual finishers of each and all categories will be announced, as well as the “Best of Nation” award winners of each and all teams. We remind you that the Best of Nation is the Award that WPC gives to each team member, author of the image which got the higher score inside its own team. This year, 38 countries entered the 8th edition of the World Photographic Cup, rising up once again the record of nations participating in this global and unique competition!  And so we will announce 38 Best of Nation Award Winners!

The finalists, instead, are the authors of the Top10 images in each of the World Photographic Cup’s six categories. They will be announced in alphabetical order and each of them is in the running for individual Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals.

The actual winners, individual and teams, will be presented at the World Photographic Cup ceremony in Rome, scheduled on April 19th, 2021.

Remind: all finalists, and each one of their images… have the chance to help their country win the World Photographic Cup 2021!

Despite our finalists’ announcement will be a virtual event, it seems it will be very global this year, even more than in the past! In fact, the results will be announced by the WPC Governing Committee members, who will virtually join the event from 4 different continents! You can’t really miss it!

A small anticipation: this year, we have finalists from 26 countries.. Stay tuned to discover the results!

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