WPC 2021 Top10 Finalists and Best of Nation Award winners have been announced

WPC 2021 Top10 Finalists and Best of Nation Award winners have been announced

January 19, 2021
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The top 10 images in each of the World Photographic Cup’s six categories and the Best of Nation Awards 2021 winners have been revealed on January 18th, during the virtual Imaging USA, in Atlanta. The WPC CEO and the governing committee members announced the results, connected online from 4 different continents. The ceremony has been streamed live on the PPA You Tube channel, and published on facebook afterwards at the WPC official page 

WPC Finalists 2021
They are in a pure alphabetical order.

The top 10 photographers in the commercial category are:
Julia Anna Gospodarou, Greece
Amber Griffin, New Zealand
Luciano Honorato, Brazil
Alexander Khokhlov, Russia
Jacquie Matechuk, Canada
Diego Oliveira, Brazil
Louis-Philippe Provost, Canada
Steve Scalone, Australia
Szymon Świętochowski, Poland
Daniel Zachar, Slovakia

Our top 10 photographers in the illustrative category are:
Nicolas Boutruche, France
Patrizia Burra, Italy
Luciano Honorato, Brazil
Antonio Peinado Muñoz, Spain
Diamantino Jesus, Portugal
Igor Sakharov, Russia
Ignacio Segura, Chile
Suvi Sievilä, Finland
Szymon Świętochowski, Poland
Forough Yavari, Australia

Our top 10 photographers in the nature category, which includes landscape and wildlife photography are:
José David Altamirano, Costa Rica
Carlos Carrillo, Mexico
Joshua Holko, Australia
Tracey Lund, United Kingdom
Sherwin Magsino, Philippines
Luis Solano Pochet, Costa Rica
Scott Portelli, Australia
Risto Raunio, Finland
Luciano Andres Richino, Argentina
Hendro Soetrisno, United States

The top 10 photographers in the portrait category are:
Stéphane Audran, France
Erich Caparas, United States
Antti Karppinen, Finland
Stephanie Lachance, Canada
Aleksey Malikov, Russia
Ram Martínez, Venezuela
Natalia Pipkina, Norway
Ammara Sadiq, Canada
Richard Wood, New Zealand
Forough Yavari, Australia

The top 10 photographers in the reportage (or photojournalism) category are:
Justin Aitken, New Zealand
Andy Cheung, Australia
Anyelo Garcia, Guatemala
Donell Gumiran, Philippines
Oscar Herrera, Costa Rica
Alfonso Novo, Spain
Anna Pantelia, Greece
Klaudia Ratzinger, Austria
Peter Svoboda, Slovakia
Sergio Ivan Caro Torres, Mexico

Finally, the top 10 photographers in the wedding category are:
Igor Bulgak, Russia
Chris Chambers, United Kingdom
Jonathan Hevia, Spain
Jie Hu, China
Victor Lax, Spain
John Makris, Greece
Maxi Oviedo, Argentina
Daniel Ribeiro, Brazil
Sam Sacramento, Brazil
Shinichi Shimomiya, Japan

WPC Best of Nation Award 2021 winners:

Argentina: Luciano Andres Richino
Australia: Forough Yavari
Austria: Klaudia Ratzinger
Belgium: Marc Wallican
Brazil: Daniel Ribeiro
Canada: Louis-Philippe Provost
Chile: Ignacio Segura
China: Min Zhou
Costa Rica: Luis Solano Pochet
Czech Republic: Miloš Nejezchleb
Denmark: Sandra Hornshoj Buus
Finland: Risto Raunio
France: Nicolas Boutruche
Greece: Julia Anna Gospodarou
Guatemala: Anyelo García
India: Aaron Lopes Pereira
Ireland: Sinead Ni Riain
Italy: Carlo Marchi
Japan: Kazutoshi Kawakami
Mexico: Carlos Carrillo
Netherlands: Maarten Wouters
New Zealand: Amber Griffin
Norway: Natalia Pipkina
Pakistan: Nadeem Ahmed Bhutta
Panama: Diego Cedeno
Peru: Pedro Jarque Krebs
Philippines: Sherwin Magsino
Poland: Szymon Świętochowski
Portugal: Diamantino Jesus
Russia: Alexander Khokhlov
Saudi Arabia: Mofeed Abu Shalwa
Singapore: Swee Sing Vincent Lim
Slovakia: Daniel Zachar
Spain: Jonathan Hevia
Sweden: Stefanie Andersson
United Kingdom: Tracey Lund
United States: Hendro Soetrisno
Venezuela: Francisco GonclavesCongratulations to all!

“The amazing images of our 38 Best of Nation award winners and 60 Top 10 finishers showed the upstanding standard of our competition and the immense talent of the professional photographers around the world” , said Giuseppe Scozzi, WPC, CEO, who MCed the online announcement”. He also said : “The images we present to the world are in the running for individual gold, silver, or bronze medal. In addition to that, each of these images…and their creators…have the chance to help their country win the World Photographic Cup 2021!”

Currently the 2021 announcement is scheduled for April 19, in Rome. “Of course – Giuseppe Scozzi outlined – everything has a big question mark over it, and we may not be able to hold it then. We will let you know within the next two weeks our plans for the event. But we want you to know that we feel very good about the possibility of holding the event IN PERSON in 2021”.

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